Since technology has evolved with the passage of time, all types of businesses including grocery, supermarket, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop businesses are also impacted by the transformation of technology.

In this era of technology, cash registers has now been replaced by latest Point of Sales cash registers with anti-theft features and user dashboard with real-time sales.

While purchasing best point of sales software for your business, always keep these features in your mind:

  • Software should be faster and must have easy to use interface
  • Deployment of point of sales software should be very simple
  • It must have barcode and qr-code scanner feature
  • Tracking and managing inventory should be very easy
  • It should have alert or notification system if stock is at low level
  • Point of sales system must have the functionality to keep track of daily sales and purchase
  • Point of sales software must have all tax features because many countries have implemented different types of taxes including value added tax, sales tax, general sales tax etc.
  • POS software should have dashboard so that you can see real-time information of sales and income
  • It must have multi-store functionality, if your business grows-up then it will be very easy for you to manage the stock
  • Point of sales system should have processes that allow you to control all sales and return operations and customer credit card information privacy.
  • Best point of sales software must have multiple payment options so that you don’t lose any customer
  • It must have multi-user system so that multiple users can access it from different locations
  • Point of sales system should have backup system. In case you lose your data due to any problem, you can restore it to your desired point.

If you want to switch your business to point of sales software then SMACC is the best point of sales software with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and Android tablet applications with all features that are mentioned above and many other functionalities that are not mentioned including bulk barcode printing.

SMACC offers cloud point of sales software for small, medium and large enterprises with real-time facts and figures including latest reporting tools. We’ve developed it according to the latest business strategies and with modern approach for our customers.