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Функции системы управления транспортом

Производительность транспортного предприятия

Производительность транспортного предприятия

Система управления транспортом SMACC повышает производительность и эффективность бизнеса.

Многоязычная система управления транспортом

Многоязычная система управления транспортом

Локальная система управления транспортом SMACC предлагается на разных языках.

Простой в использовании интерфейс

Простой в использовании интерфейс

Удобные и понятные экраны пользовательского интерфейса обеспечивают эффективность, скорость и производительность работы пользователя.

The program features several technical advantages of high-quality design and the system works in both Arabic and English, the system consists of several parts of which :

Customers and Movement:

It is stored full customer information and determine the specifications of the client, such as the credit limit and the type of customer account (cash – futures) and then open the request of the client with a recording signal and determine the start zone and end zone type and then the movement is responsible to approve the commander of the movement and transfer the matter to the bill of lading and is done through the policy of all special operations calculated the cost of transport and diesel value and the incentive and the driver’s name and number the truck and the estimated trip and a real-time, and the program calculates all related to deviations values ​​that has the transfer process from the time delay at the time in days and hours and loaded on a single cost centers (client – the driver – the company) as he can through the program to identify alternative Auto and auto ministering in the event of its existence.
Through the program may be found on the status of any car or a driver at any moment, and the system tells you about the whereabouts of each of the cars currently.


I believe in the system and sales invoices for purchases of fuel and diesel coupes and customer account and arrested bonds also can be linked to a specific voucher bill there are special discounts on bonds driver or fines.

Inventory (spare parts and Tires):

The program includes Tires management system and spare parts inventory and the destruction of their number and their values ​​and the current status and the status of each vehicle in terms of depreciation and selects its validity and extent of the warranty in the days and the number of kilometers passed by disbelief. You can also program the execution of Tires ended and the switch Tires and compensated.

Staff and drivers and marches salaries:

You can limit the system of information to drivers that was personal information or as information private government Bmstndhathm such as driver’s license or Aramco card ….
You will not need after a day of time spent in net salaries processing and Messier private drivers salaries and allowances inventory of diesel and their travel, where the program will be processed you push of a button.

Vehicles and Alstahat:

You can enter all the detailed information for technics such as: painting number and vehicle number and model and manufacturer and the machine number and type of rule and cabin or Alstahh or Altanki associated with it and the frame size and expiration date Alacetkr and No. Alacetkr and the proportion of depreciation of the vehicle and start to use the date and other management information and accounting.

The workshop and maintenance:

You can specify the periodic maintenance and inspection in detail the results of schedules also runs workshops for you order and the values ​​of the forced maintenance operations and value, and these values ​​can be deported to the one previously mentioned cost center.


System contains more than 100 reports include all the contents of the company’s workers and drivers and users of the system and the types and Tires and spare parts and vehicle values.
All reports can be printed or transferred to Excel .. The system contains the possibility of amendment on the reports.

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