Of the most important advantages of this system:
Manage all customer and supplier data, and cars
Administration as a nation that accounts for contracts for cars;

 With the ability to print the contract or invoice to the customer or supplier
Full administration to calculate the Fund and the movement of the deposit and exchange of the Fund and the Bank
Complete management of expenses and extraction of comprehensive reports on the total expenses and total expense on all alone
Full administration to calculate the total capital and profits
Full reports on customers, suppliers and premiums Almtbiqih

Report on the remaining number of cars at the show

The ability to search in several different ways for easy access to the information.

The 2007 version is also available: a large number of new features and big, and that was sap proposals analysis team and our valued customers over 8 years.

Like :

Complete management of data cars with details of each car and the chassis number and number of the machine.

Complete management of the accounts of the company and accounts and inventory tree.