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What SMACC is providing you

Quick Setup

With SMACC you can onboard and generate ZATCA compliant Standard & Simplified invoices in just a few clicks. Complete user-friendly integration and invoices backup as per regulations Fully ready, no complications

ZATCA VAT Compliant

SMACC has exciting wizard to create ZATCA compliant VAT setup. Hassle free steps and verification to make sure your invoices are 100% according to ZATCA standards. The perfect VAT setup minimizes the chance of rejection, giving you full accuracy for invoice generation seamlessly

QR Code

You can choose to include base64 encoded QR code containing ZATCA specified details I.e., Seller’s name, Seller’s VAT number, Invoice timestamp, Invoice total (with VAT), VAT total, Hash of the XML invoice, and signature information

Digital Stamping

For simplified invoices, SMACC stamps and reports invoices to ZATCA. Whereas, standard invoices are generated and shared with ZATCA simultaneously for cryptographic stamping and clearance


SMACC complies with ZATCA's rules and restricts anonymous access to transactions. You can assign role-based permissions to the users for allowing or preventing access to modules and pages. Also, SMACC has user session management for controlled access

Tamper Resistant

Restricts alteration or deletion of invoices according to ZATCA’s regulations. SMACC keeps non-editable history of all the invoices. The invoices are generated with accurate timestamps and posted in sequence to prevent tampering according to ZATCA mandates

Real-time Integrated Standard Tax Invoices

Manage and customize all your Standard Tax Invoices in real-time

Complete Integration of Simplified Tax Invoices

Manage and customize all your Simplified Tax Invoices in real-time

XML Generation with ZATCA Requirement

E-Invoices are generated automatically in XML format according to ZATCA requirement

Multilingual E-Invoices

All invoices are generated in multiple languages including Arabic & English

Custom Clearance System

100% ZATCA Compliant

SMACC is the 100% ZATCA compliant solution for E-Invoicing

Full Support

SMACC also provide full time support for its customers regarding E-Invoicing

What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is a process of generating invoices in an electronic format. The mechanism aims to transform the process of issuing paper invoices and notes into a structures electronic format through an online system.

A paper invoice that is converted into a digital format is not considered as electronic invoice, such as through copying, scanning, etc.

What is e-invoicing?

Who shall onboard for e-invoicing?

The KSA VAT registered business owners residing in KSA selling within or outside Saudi Arabia, with earnings above the required criteria.

Third parties situated in KSA, generating invoices on behalf of another taxpayer are obligated to follow these regulations. For example, the parent company is issuing invoices on behalf of a branch located elsewhere.

Who shall onboard for e-invoicing?

What are the two types of invoices?

There are two types of invoices, i.e., Standard e-invoice and Simplified e-invoice.
Standard e-invoice has a structured format and requires the buyer’s information. For phase 1, the standard invoice can be generated, but for Phase 2, the standard invoice is shared with ZATCA for cryptographic stamping and clearance. You can choose to add the QR code.

Simplified invoice has a structured format and does not generally include buyer’s information. Please note that in specific cases, buyer’s data maybe required. For example, for simplified invoices for private medical or educational services provided to citizens, where the tax treatment is Zero Rated, will include the buyer’s details.

What are the two types of invoices?

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