SMACC is a program for business management accounting fully developed by the Arabian Sea Company, was developed in 1986 began and released the first version since 1988, so it holds the program deep understanding of the business environment in Saudi Arabia over its long history in the market and continuing to meet the requirements of the customer technical and meets this program the desire of every facility and needs, so it has achieved widespread as it is now used SMACC program in over 34,000 facility and the number of licenses to use the exported amounted to about 250 thousand license.

SMACC academia trust program in Saudi Arabia also won as the system chosen to study in the accounting departments of technical colleges in the UK for more than 15 years and is still, and has been issued with an educational curriculum contains a full explanation for the use of the program. The student is studying and training in its use practical application as a prerequisite for completing the accounting certificate computerized technical colleges.

SMACC program works under Windows environment Windows® and Windows® Server as it enjoys a SMACC program providing binding property across local and remote computer networks. Backed by the powers of the user management system that facilitates the distribution of tasks to users of the program, according to their terms of reference, according to the system approved by the Director.

This gives the accuracy and reliability of the accounting data and prevents the manipulation of inputs to ensure the smooth conduct of the accounting operations. This is in addition to a number of important competitive advantages that made him the first choice and months in the field of accounting systems.

SMACC accounting program consists of several integrated sub-systems into a single system allows unified management of all established operations in the areas of accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, POS, and Personnel, in addition to the attendance system and leave tied with Messier salaries, which works using a handprint or cards magnetized.

SMACC and enjoys the accounting program and the spread widely in the Arab countries where there have agents in Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Jordan. Customers in the United States, Singapore, China and India, the program is also used to program works in Arabic and English.