Sometimes you receive a message (not you access the database validity! Operation is not available) as described in the picture below


The exit from this screen (the system) control and enter the main number or the so-called (Master) and I’ve been programmed fishmonger system that figure automatically changes every month, and is not allowed to give him to the client but an official letter from the company because this figure provides Cancel Company and the validity of Director the maintenance department, and will not be mentioned this figure in this note continued to change it.


Note the difference between the appearance of a double-digit in the goodness of the Main Menu control system.
We are pressing the (Update Login Script) (1) screen will show a list of companies and then we select the company name and the continued pressure on.
You and after pressing (Database Ownership) screen will appear as shown on the image below


We are clicking with your mouse in the location specified by the arrow left-click, display a list of required companies will show and then we choose the company’s required, then click on continue.
So that the screen will not appear, which states (not you access the database validity! Process is available).