Introduction of Point of Sale System:

If you are a new bee in business or well-settled already, you need to know every possible practical tool to improve the business intelligence than ever before. What provides your business with greater flexibility and control? Businesses have lately moved from traditional cash registers and typical credit card readers to iPads and even cloud-based Point of Sale Systems. This advancement in technology provides you with additional features to keep all reports and transactions in one place.

Example of a Food Business Point of Sale System:

For example, any food business running a restaurant with cloud-based POS system by any software allows users the following features:

  • Split checks
  • Search items on the menu quickly
  • Process online orders easily
  • Report the trends of hot selling items to customers
  • Track what items are giving the best sale report
  • Train new employees
  • Track salesman performance


The main area of concern is exactly how the POS systems are enabling the evolution of business management effectively:

The Main Contribution of a POS System in Business:

1. Shared Commerce:

Previously, businesses would first have to run data from their e-commerce platforms following their physical POS systems. For a deliberate and detailed report, the business would have to import both results into spreadsheet, performing the accounting or reporting. But a huge gratification is needed towards the shared commerce POS systems, a lot of time and effort is saved by automating the process.

2. Mobile POS:

Cash as payment has become old-fashioned now as customers prefer carrying mobile wallets in the form of credit or debit cards. A modern business should consider the option of allowing mobile payments more readily as customers are shifting away from the notion of cash.

With the mere facility of an internet connection clients can have more autonomy over how they pay. In order to accept mobile payments, no heavy equipment, complex staff training or difficult scenarios are required. All the mobile credit card services need just a credit card reader attached to a smartphone or tablet with the essential mobile app. The mobile wallet providers and loyalty mobile apps facilitate clients to pay directly from their smart phones or with the help of a POS scanner to read barcodes or DR codes on their screens.

3. CRM integration with POS:

The integration of CRM with POS systems is a new approach to integrate the real-time transactions which helps the business increase sales and accelerate revenue. However the previous POS systems could only provide basic data about the customer behavior. But now the CRM along with POS integration makes it possible to identify the potential customers and their buying behavior in deeper detail.

4. Big Data for Small Businesses:

The big and fancy companies come with enormous intelligence budgets. Small businesses on the other side can also have a direct access to powerful data right at their fingertips just by using the updated Point Of Sale Systems. One of the major advantages of POS is to let business owners make the most valuable and smartest business decisions. For example, for new small business, a software for POS is a tool that allows robust gathering of data and highly analytical reporting features that give you a complete story of in-depth business details. The meticulous reporting entails inventory and volume analysis, top selling products, revenue, profit margin optimization and the needs of staffing, etc. Now the business owners of small businesses can easily monitor their operational tasks as well as make the right decisions at the right moment.

5. The POS Security and IoT:

As the technological progression takes place, POS systems demand more security of data. The internet of things (IoT) is defined as the interconnectivity and communication of various devices, networks and physical objects over the cloud of internet. Imagine how it would be like to experience a talking refrigerator in a smart home. Normally, POS systems are more susceptible to hacks and data breaches. You need a strong protection system against the hackers as they have advanced in the last decade and all systems become vulnerable to hacking. So, it is highly recommended to protect your POS systems by using the extremely strong passwords, installing a firewall and disabling the remote access to your company’s POS. Furthermore the software you are availing must provide a complete security check for your precious data.

How SMACC Takes Part in the Business Evolution?

SMACC has proved its dynamic presence in the heart of the Middle East and is expanding its business branches to other continents as well. SMACC 6 is the latest updated version of SMACC. This new version with exciting feature welcomes a broad range of industries to utilize the services of SMACC efficiently.

The SMACC POS Module:

Moreover, the main modules of SMACC included the powerful POS system which has also influenced many small and large businesses scrupulously. The POS module is available for the iOS, android, web and desktop applications. So it offers you a complete solution for your business operation with an ERP (enterprise resource planning) based software. In modern world of technology, ERP has showed dominance over CRM although some CRM features integrated with ERP brings the best results. Hence, availing SMACC as a software tool is savagely mandatory for the elevated performance of your business.