What is a Point of Sale Software?

POS software is used mainly by the eCommerce stores for the successful conduction of sales transactions. It has the major functionality of both a computerized system as well as a cash register. With Point of Sale Software, sellers can both input orders and receive customer payments after computing the cost.

The General Classifications of POS:

The POS software is generally classified into three main categories which include:

1. Mobile POS:

This kind of POS is utilized to manage and process payment along with the additional features like inventory tracking. The sole entrepreneurs and small business owners prefer it because of its simple set up, operation, and affordable price range.

2. Terminal POS:

Because of the advanced functionalities and reasonable prices, it is declared to be the most commonly used POS system that can carry add-on devices such as barcode scanner and cash drawers, etc.

3. Cloud-Hosted POS:

Because of the affordability, scalability, and convenience in its features, cloud-hosted POS is getting wild popularity among different domains of business.

How does a POS Software Work?

Two major components comprise POS System-the the hardware and software.

1. Hardware:

It includes the physical set up of machines that could be any other device connected to a server or PC or cloud-based system. It also comprises of additional hardware to make payments via debit or credit cards.

2. Software:

The hardware is integrated with the Point Of Sale Software which stores information and manages it within a database. Some software is niche-specific while others are used in general for any kind of industry. For example, SMACC provides a general niche software that broadens the horizon of business extensively.


POS Software facilitates an array of features and functions to manage almost every aspect of your business operation. Keeping track of the sales is the foremost of all so that you can keep a record that how many items were sold and how many are still left?

Since POS software is designed for a high degree of accuracy, you can easily generate daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly and yearly reports without any worry.

POS system is also designed to check and update your inventory every time a product is successfully sold and you are always aware of the stock is running low. Any kind of manual operations like inventory count is unnecessary.

You can integrate your POS software with accounting software to create and generate detailed financial reports which include tax reports. An additional benefit is the employee management regarding their login and log out times by keeping a track of their rendered work

The Primary Advantages of POS Systems:

Although POS Software has multiple and various advantages, some of the main advantages are here:

1. Accuracy:

The comprehensive accuracy offered by Point of Sale Systems originates largely from the elimination of manual inputting of data, automation of tasks, and processes. The chances of theft by employees completely vanish as this system is a great deterrent against theft of data and cash. Every transaction is recorded and monitored so data breaching is impossible.

2. Efficiency:

With a POS system installed and running on the barcode scanner, the probability of error is extremely low like one error recorded for every 15,000 to 36 trillion barcode characters scanned. Time is saved as it takes only 0.3 seconds for a barcode scanner to input data accurately and efficiently. Time management is always a critical factor for any business. This improves the performance of the system readily. Similarly, other operational tasks are also affected drastically rather than improved in efficiency and performance.

3. Consistency:

A regular consistency is maintained among all the locations and branches of your business. The authorized business owner has the access to alter the prices of the products. The more reasonable and affordable the prices are the better will the level of customer satisfaction. Pricing directly affects customer service and ensuring consistency in this domain all customers receive the same level of service regardless of their tore location.

Choosing SMACC POS Software for your Business:

SMACC is a renowned software serving more than 81,000 clients successfully all over the Middle East and planning to expand its business all over the world. It is available in 13 spoken languages and its multilingual feature helps it become more popular among its clients.

Point of Sale is one of the major modules of SMACC and serves many clients in different kinds of business industries. One of the major and successful business is about food and restaurant management. POS software comes in four versions of iOS, Android, web, and desktop applications. Based on the cloud ERP software this POS system embarks a remarkable level of services. The real-time data is maintained in the database and the whole software is fully automated. POS Module is integrated with other modules like financial accounting and inventory.


There is no apparent reason to ignore such an awesome software of SMACC that allows you great flexibility in business as well as affordability in your budget. Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success? If yes, opt for the selection of SMACC over every other software due to its brilliant market competitiveness.