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قسطوں کا نظم

قسطوں کا نظام آپ کو ماہانہ ادائیگیوں اور کسی گاہک کی جانب سے تاخیر پر نظر رکھنے میں مدد دیتا ہے۔

استعمال میں آسان UI (صارف انٹرفیس)

استعمال میں آسان UI (صارف انٹرفیس)

شاشات واجهة الاستخدام مريحة وواضحة تضمن أداء المستخدم وسرعته وكفاءته.

استعمال میں آسان UI (صارف انٹرفیس)

استعمال میں آسان UI (صارف انٹرفیس)

آرام دہ اور واضح صارف انٹرفیس اسکرینیں جو صارف کی کارکردگی، رفتار اور قابلیت کو یقینی بناتی ہیں۔

Installment program is one of the integrated program for the management of operations by installments and repayment installments and the issuance of promissory notes, contracts, bonds and linking it with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (Sama)

The advantage Ntam fishmonger allocated for management by installments numerous advantages required for each origin fall under that activity;

The advantage of theprogram:

Programming languages: .NET Technology
Database: Microsoft Sql Serve 2005.
Reports: Seget Crystal Report 10.
Technical program classification: Windows SMART CLIENT

Functions of the program:

  1. Installment management and operations contracts.
  2. Pay monthly installments for customers operations management.
  3. Deportation monthly and opening information for Sama.
  4. Inquire about the possibility of direct client or multiple clients at the same time via the Internet.
  5. The prosecution of the monthly payments and delays for customers.
  6. The possibility of installments throughout the decades of the following types:
    • Installment car
    • Installment car with bets.
    • Car rental ultimate ownership.
    • Installment lands and homes.
    • Installment-type (an Islamic foliate) ,,,, (a special installment of any other types not previously mentioned)
  7. Comprehensive reports are as follows:

First reports of the contents of the program:
Of customers and sponsors elements installment, banks, collectors and other basic information in the program.

Second Installment operations reported a Ketala:

  • Foreground applications reports by customers.
  • Approvals reports on initial applications conducted either: (pending or have been approved)
  • Final approvals reports on applications.
  • Tout reports and interest rates of each application with a cost value.

Third installment of financial reports:

  • Monthly payments reports.
  • Revealed customer account report (includes payments that the Bsddha and arrears).
  • Report the amounts owed.
  • Arrears report.
  • Sama credit report (from Sama directly) without having to visit their site.8. bonding process with Sama:
    The program to issue the required files from the Sama (company a monthly Otmanah files containing information for each customer).

Some of the technical features of the program:

  • The possibility of distributing payments manually or Otomateka.
  • The possibility of a contract: monthly – quarterly – yearly.
  • Ability to print bills and contracts with the possibility of change in the event of the client’s request.

Parts of the program:

First: basic information
And it contains basic information and data circulating in all program such as:
Cities, banks, collectors, customers and sponsors.

Second: Operations
It is part of your operations by installments and collect sponsors with customers with installment elements and the issuance of contracts and bills of their own.

Third: the collection and follow-up Aloks
This dedicated section to follow the customer premiums and Tsddaha with the possibility of a catch bonds and exchange through the program.

Fourth, reports
The reports include all available information in the program.
Basic info reports to payments and late revealed customer account and many more ….

Fifth: (Sama credit information):
Where the company Arabian Sea in agreement with Sama credit information with adding the possibility of deportation and monthly data for the primary Sama by issuing the following files:

  • XML Regular File Uplad
  • XML Default File Upload
  • Excel Initial FileIt required files to communicate with Sama and information Tdhuidha credit facility for private customers.

Sixth: program settings
You can this part of the add users and modify the powers they have and make backup copies of your program and retrieval if necessary. Seventh: screen distribution of powers.

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