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Fitur-Fitur Sistem Titik Penjualan (POS)

UI (Antarmuka Pengguna) yang Mudah Digunakan

UI (Antarmuka Pengguna) yang Mudah Digunakan

Layar antarmuka pengguna yang nyaman dan jelas memastikan kinerja, kecepatan, dan efisiensi pengguna.

POS Multibahasa

POS Multibahasa

Sistem POS di lokasi SMACC tersedia dalam beberapa bahasa termasuk bahasa Inggris, Arab, dan Prancis.

Pembuatan Laporan

Pembuatan Laporan

Perangkat lunak akuntansi desktop SMACC menawarkan beberapa jenis laporan untuk mengidentifikasi penjualan, pembelian, dsb.

POS system is one of the programs that are indispensable in the facilities that are working to sell retail and features dedicated to SMACC POS system that is very easy

It can be used depending on the type of activity and any firm works with scanning devices to read barcodes and in line with sales and cashier systems Accessories

This system features numerous advantages

  • Comfortable and clear screens to ensure the user’s performance speed.
  • Available in multiple languages (Arabic / English / French)
  • Great flexibility in the potential of the program and the powers of control.
  • The possibility of suspending the current open invoice billed Other
  • The possibility of distribution of powers of the discount rate question
  • The possibility of linking the system with the cashier and barcode machine and the banking payment services
  • The ability to make returns from selling the same screen
  • The possibility of connecting the customer purchases the client system and the points calculated

There are numerous reports provided by the program, including:

  • Reports with the fund
  • Report sales and cash sales futures
  • Report daily sales and Almrdoat daily


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