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Características del software de venta de automóviles

Avanzado sistema de búsqueda

Avanzado sistema de búsqueda

Las características de búsqueda exhaustiva del software de venta de automóviles le ayudarán a encontrar coches de varias formas

Interfaz de usuario fácil de usar

Interfaz de usuario fácil de usar

Pantallas de interfaz de usuario cómodas y sencillas que garantizan el rendimiento, la velocidad y la eficiencia del usuario.

Creación de informes

Creación de informes

El software de contabilidad de escritorio de SMACC ofrece múltiples tipos de informes para identificar ventas, compras, etc.

The most important features of this system is to manage all customer data, suppliers, and vehicles.

Additional features:

The feature of printing the contract or bill to the customer or supplier
Full management of the Fund account and the movement of deposit and exchange from the Fund and the Bank
Complete expense management and comprehensive reports on total expenses and total expenditure per unit
Full management of the calculation of total capital and profits
Complete reports on customers, suppliers and pending premiums

Report on the number of vehicles remaining in the exhibition

Search in several different ways for easy access to information.

The 2007 edition is also available with a large number of new and great features that have been recommended by the analysis team and our valued customers for over 8 years.

Like :

Complete management of car data with details of each car, chassis number and machine number.

Full management of the accounts of the company and tree accounts and inventory.

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