Fishmonger program for car maintenance centers designed specifically for the management of maintenance work and workshops automotive centers accounting and administrative
Accurately and professional high-quality software in order to meet all Mtalptat car maintenance workshops to allow
You work order file full for each car are brought to the center, indicating the vehicle data, condition and services required system and features a number of advantages.

Features auto maintenance system

The possibility of working on the system bilingual (Arabic / English)
System compatibility with all versions of Windows and Microsoft Office
The possibility of issuing a preliminary report on the status of the car and its data
The possibility of work card entry of the vehicle, indicating the parts and services required by the car
The possibility of ordering the driver to work for the maintenance of a car, explaining where all the services and requirements, and the pieces were ill from inside or outside center
The possibility of issuing a report shows, according to the technical name of the supervisor or maintenance or Delivery Management
The possibility of invoiced sales tied directly ordered the driver by car